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Join our Family for an enjoyable Woodland Retreat Week-end!

On the second and fourth week-ends in August, September and October we are offering a guided tour of our woodlands. Learn about flora, fauna and creatures that abound in your local habitat.

"Relaxation with knowledge is the cornerstone of living together."

Please call for availability.

Restful Paws Consulting Group

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Restful Paws

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Canine Waste Control for Private and Commercial Properties
Restful Paws Consulting Group

How to make your Business, Lodging or Home Pet Friendly

DogiPot Accessories and Management e-mail info@restfulpaws.com or
888 - 430 - PAWS (7297)

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Antique Show

2018 Show Dates
May 8 -13 2018
July 10-15 2018
Sept 4-9 2018

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Additional Services:

  • Pet Sitting
  • Pet Boarding

Rosie B's ®
Our indoor bone shaped Dog swimming pool. Swim for health, rehabilitation or just for the fun of it!
Discounts will apply to guests of The Inn at Restful Paws.

Handicap Accessible
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The Inn at Restful Paws Lodging and More is unique in many ways. First, we are not only Pet Friendly; we are a one-of-a-kind truly Pet Orientated lodging in Western and Central Massachusetts.
Every morning a complimentary, healthy, Restful Paws breakfast is served for your enjoyment.
Our Lodging in appearance also has a uniqueness all of its own. When we designed "our dream" we agreed on building two homes and connecting them with a hallway. Our "Guest wing" is handicap accessible for both Pets and their Families. Rampage for entry and exit as well as accessibility to all of the private bath areas allow all Guests to truly enjoy our serene getaway.
Breakfast is served in another unique style and can be enjoyed in various surroundings including the gazebo and picnic tables outside, weather permitting.
With the numerous walking trails on premises and play areas, as well as a "dogs only in-ground, indoors swimming pool, called Rosie B’s Swim Center our activities are quite awesome as well as rewarding for you as well as your Pet.
We are also smoke and alcohol free for you and your Families health.
Your relaxation hosts,
Barbara, Raymond, and Maria

Pet Policies 

  • Please be sure that your Pooch is at least seven (7) months old and spayed or neutered.
  • All pet vaccinations should be up to date.
  • If your pet has a disability or is not in good health, please let us know.
  • Please keep your Dog on a leash when not in your room (and remember that they cannot be left alone in the room).

Camp Wooffurs
Pet Sitting Facility on premises
Please let the staff know if you would require this service

  • Cats will be accommodated if a carrier is used when not in the guest room. This is for the safety of the cat as well as its owner. Considerations will be extended, but again you are responsible.
  • All animal waste WILL be put in labeled containers located on the premises. Please use our "poop bags"as they are bio-degradable. These tied-up bags can then be placed in the "dogi-pot" receptacles.
  • If an "accident" should occur, please notify your Hosts or this can be taken care of with the cleaning supplies in the guest closet.

General Courtesies and Policies 

  • We are honored to offer discounts for active military.
  • We do accommodate well behaved children at least twelve (12) years of age.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage incurred on the premises of Restful Paws Bed & Breakfast, Inc.
  • In keeping with the tranquility and scenic quietness of Restful Paws, we ask all guests to have consideration of others in the way that other activities are applied. Sharing play areas and trails, volume controls on entertainment devises, and even the B & B's "no partying rule" are in the keeping of our profile of "natural and serene".
Pet Covers
  • WE INSIST that beds and other furniture be kept covered if Pets want to jump and lie upon them. Not following this procedure will incur an extra cleaning charge at the discretion of the Innkeepers.

  • Our parking areas are situated to allow the best way to come and go without interfering with others space and privacy.

Rosewood Retreats

Spiritual and energy fufillment. One step at a time ,energy work with a series of workshops. How to make your life what you want it to be. An on going project if you work in this specific field and would like to partner with us call us 413 245 7792 or info@restfulpaws.com

Walking/Hiking Trails at Restful Paws

The Inn at Restful Paws sits on over 31 acres and is dedicated to offering the best of nature at its finest. To start, there is over 1½ miles of walking trails that are open for your enjoyment. Our spacious 6-8 foot wide trails offer a comfortable and bonding relationship with your Pet while taking in all of the joys of the outdoors. These groomed trails are for your pleasure during all seasons and there are special activities that abound at specific times. Walk in the cool morning or later in the evening or only go a short distance where you can sit and relax overlooking our cranberry bog. Take a ball or Frisbee and you and your Pet can utilize one of the many play areas found on the property. Walking along the 100 year old stone fences, bridging the brooks, or gliding through the pine overhangs allows you and your romping companion to share contentment that is hard to beat. This is “life at its finest”. 

We are a Certified Tree Farm meaning we are a nature preserve. We respect nature and wildlife.

For the safety and privacy of all of our Guests, any of the policies of Restful Paws Bed & Breakfast, Inc. that are not followed, there will be the option of management to have the non-conforming Guests leave the premises. Under these conditions, there will not be any refund. We regretfully have this statement as we want to remain Pet Friendly for the Guests that sincerely are Pet-lovers and appreciate our Bed & Breakfast. Your Hosts are trying to make your stay as easy and safe as possible, but these rules must be followed for the safety of all pets and their owners.

If there are any questions that need to be asked and answered, please feel free to contact us. Thank you and we hope your stay at THE INN at RESTFUL PAWS LODGING and MORE.... is as enjoyable for you and your pet as it is for us to help you to relax and feel at home. 

Country Pleasure

Makes you feel “as snug as a bug”. Country charm and simplicity. This room brings a yearn for another, slower life style. This is really country when you notice the artwork. 

$165 Double occupancy and two nights minimum

Floral Gardens

Not quite Victorian and aristocratic, but definitely prim and proper. Like an Era gone by and missed. Standards of old and solid stability. A room to reminisce in and be comfortable and secure. 

$165 Double occupancy and two night minimum.
Please contact us for single night stays which are an additional $25

Audubon Delight

Bird lovers? Maybe just bird watchers. Feel at home because all of these images can be seen live on the premises. The sounds from outside your window blend with this room to enhance your stay. 
$165 Double occupancy and two night minimum.
Please contact us for single night stays which are an additional $25

Additional Information

Check-in time is 3:00 PM - 6 PM. Check-out time is 11:00 AM. There will be an additional charge of $50.00 for early check-in's and late check-out's up to a maximum of 2 hours and will depend upon availability. All rooms are $165.00 per night TWO NIGHT MINIMUM based on 2 guests and 2 pets per room. Two (2) guests and (2) two pets per room is the maximum number allowed. Depending on Guests and rooms, there might be the possibility of flexibility on the number of Pets allowed. Please inquire before booking. Bookings for SINGLE NIGHTS at the Inn must be approved by Restful Paws and incur an additional charge of $25. Discounts will apply on stays over five nights. Weekly rates are also available. Please inquire. All of our Guest rooms have QUEEN SIZE beds Reservations will be granted with a one night advance deposit. Reservations of three or more nights will require a 50% deposit of the total nights reserved with the same cancellation rules applying. Refundable deposits are available up to 14 days prior to arrival date, less a $75.00 cancellation charge per room(s) per date. Less than 14 days cancellation notice, there will NOT be any refund. There will not be any refunds for "no-call" /"no-show" reservations. Payment in full is the guests responsibility on all reserved room dates regardless of shortened stays. Payment in full is required upon arrival. Payments of cash and most major credit cards are accepted as well as ATM cards. During the dates of the Brimfield Antique Show, all reservations will be paid in full in advance. During this time, there will not be any refunds or credits for cancellations. Room rates may be higher on some Holidays as well as length of stays.
Hours 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Overnight Camping (Boarding)
$55.00 per day. (5 days or more $45.00 )
(Half price for 2nd dog)
Day Camp (Daycare)

Wednesday - Friday
Full day $20.00 per day
(Half price for 2nd dog)
Half Day $15.00 (must be picked up at 12:00 pm)
(Half price for 2nd dog)

In order for your dog to be socialized they must come at least once a week. This will ensure that your dog will bond with other dogs. Once you choose the day of the week than a play group can be formed according to the personality of your dog.

*All Dogs must be spayed or neutered*
Tours are available by appointment only